Designer: GiaBlossom Resident

Established in October 2017 under the umbrella brand with 2 designers as Third Moon Creations is now a collaboration. Thanks to JosephTango Resident, his investment made Gia's work come into existence. We have revamped ourselves as our journey and interests get clearer with ::G!A::

::G!A:: Update Group

Theme: Actively designing Decor and Accessories (including nail paints, makeups, and tattoos) and sometimes divulging in Fitmesh Clothing as well.

VIP Gifts:
As a collaboration, We offer 1 gift per month to our patrons of Third Moon Creations.
As G!A I try my best to offer 1 gift/week to my dear friends.

Testimonials: I hope you like our product/s, if you do, send a notecard to GiaSLCreations Resident. All such reviews and testimonials will be featured in our blog

Custom work: Accepting customers, prices reasonably negotiable. Contact inworld via notecard to GiaBlossom Resident or GiaSLCreations Resident.
Mail: blossomgia@gmail.com

Thank you.

About GiaBlossom [Owner/Creator of ::G!A::]

I love taking photographs with different "Windlight Settings". Second Life is my little escape to paradise.

There are a number of things that I am involved in, photography being one of them [ Flavah Magazine, Love On Top Magazine]. Others are creating mesh and owning a store [G!A], or having a cute little farm [Kitchen & Farm Supplies].

Other activities: Freelance Photographer, Low Budget Landscaper, Logo & Graphics designer, and Mesh Designer.
Owner - Blossom Productions 
Co-owner - Wishing Star Marketing & Promotions

There are also times that I love to for an adventure [go racing or kayaking]. In short, I still find time to make friends and hang out [rarely but yes! I do]. Most days, you will find me at Wet Willies Classic Rock Club. Stop stalking me and let's meet some time. See you in-world ...

My Address: Second Life